Horizon Home Office

A centralized management system that provides Home Office personnel with the tools necessary to maximize control and analysis of store operations on a timely basis.

Efficiently and accurately manage pricing of all store items on a Real-Time basis.  Includes RF Scanning technology to track items as soon as they enter the store.<br /><br />Provides management the ability to perform store audits on a single item or on the entire inventory of the location, while the store is operating.  This reduces Shrink and Controls cost. Provides accurate and timely sales reports. Alerts store operators to changes in the store that require his/her attention. Advanced tools to better manage your operations. Recognize your most valuable and frequent customers through rewards based upon purchase history. Fully functional payroll system tracks employee data to seamlessly prepare required reports. Control payments by Vendor or selected Vendor invoices.<br><br /> Seamlessly receives information from Inventory when items are received in the store through hand held scanning technology, eliminating duplicate data entry and associated mistakes. <br /> <br />Simplifies check processing by automatically interfacing vendor invoice dates with their specific terms. All House Account transactions post directly from the POS to A/R eliminating duplicate data entry.<br /><br />Payments may be posted either directly into A/R or at the POS. Accurately tracks transactions to produce timely balance sheet and income statements. Automatically tracks tank levels, gallons pumped, daily end-of-stick readings, and leak-test results. Provides the tools necessary for all major corporate functions including personel, job maintenance, system security, vendor maintenance and bank management. Enables home office management to group stores according to management preferences, store location, product type and much more. Provides the tools necessary to manage fuel deliveries, inventories, scheduling, rack costs and more. Set and manage pricing, gross profit, promotions and more for all profit centers from one centralized location.